Who we are

MBM Made by Madrigal is a furniture and lifestyle boutique which houses refinished vintage antiques, custom furnishings and handcrafted home goods that add a brilliance to any decor. Conveniently located in the Junction, at Keele and Dundas West, in Toronto Ontario. 

What we love to do

We are passionate about keeping all the sentiments of antique furniture while bringing its relevance into our contemporary and urban culture, hence the concepts polished vintage and urban luxe. The approach that we take with each piece is to bring its character and timeless design, to meet, fresh and vibrant spaces, that are a mixture of contemporary moods, with an air of tradition, paying an homeage to “old world” charm. 

How we began...is really simple actually! It all started with a French provincial bedroom set that was passed down to my wife from her grandmother. Once refinished and restored to its original beauty, was when we realized we had a passion and an eye for exquisite antiques.


HEAD of production and design, creative director

I've always had a passion for business and grew up in a family of entrepreneurs, the first being my grandmother. After attending Humber College Business School for Marketing and York University for Social Sciences and Law, I never imagined I would one day own and operate my own business. My intention once I entered the finance sector was to grow within that industry and ultimately head the Marketing and Strategic planning department within Retail Banking. However, as life goes, I encountered varying challenges which pulled me further from those ambitions, and pleasantly birthed newer, bigger ambitions, such as MBM. My greatest pleasure day-to day is strategic planning from end to end. I enjoy implementing a project and tracking its performance and the sheer satisfaction of when its achieved with excellence and with impactful results! 


yadder madrigaL

HEAD OF business development and operations, creative director

Since as young as I can remember, I've always been creating, getting my hands into some sort of craft and seeing how I can market it to family and friends.  I started working at 12 years of age when I felt I was old enough to manage my first paper-route.  Since then I've had quite a diverse professional experience, from retail and fashion, banking and corporate finance, to business analysis and operations management.  Always finding ways to bring flair and creativity to my various roles, I still never felt I had a broad enough wingspan creatively. But with seeing a hobby grow into a passion and materialize to what MBM is today, dreaming, planning and creating has now become a daily adventure!  The most rewarding part of what I do now is the freedom in our creative process, putting my thoughts to pencil and paper, and making it come to life, all while inspiring and filling our customers' homes with unique pieces that bring a bit of our character and personality.