Christmas Deco with Garland!

Let me begin by saying, there was a time I never even knew it was called "garland". I just knew it as the stuff my mother and grandmother would wrap around the tree, or hang from the hearth at Christmas-time. It usually came in shiny red, green, silver, or gold and always left me feeling full of holiday-cheer.

Now that I'm older and have my own space, while I can appreciate traditional garland, I do love to get creative with how I present it at my home.

For this year's garland, I got my inspiration from the way Canada always seems to be rustic, woodsy, and warm in the wintertime.

For us Canadians, the holidays aren't just about Christmas, although Christmas is centralized to being that way.

The Canadian holidays are also wonderfully traditional; cold outside, and warm inside by the fire. I wanted something that brought these two very strong elements together for this Christmas. Thus, the burlap garland was born!

I especially love to wrap it around my Christmas tree to add that warm woodsy feel to my living room. I also accent my tree with yellow lights to make sure it shines bright!

This way Christmas remains traditional but also creative.