Christmas Deco Done Right!

Yes it is Christmas, and yes you are excited and full of Christmas cheer! Decorating for the holidays can definitely be enjoyable and bring warmth into your home. It is one of our favourite decorative moments for the year.

One thing we've noticed in decorating our home is that heavy colour in abundance can take away from the overall look you are trying to pull off. 

For instance, I love red, not so much Stacey 😊, but too much red in a room can make your room feel busy and perhaps overwhelming. Go for a pop of colour in certain areas instead. See my simple tips below:

1. Add a red bow for your mason jar potted-plant-centre-piece in addition to your red-trimmed napkins for your dinner table.

2.If you do love boldness in a room, go for a red-patterned tablecloth for your table. It will centre your room in your chosen color.

3. Or if you've chosen to go with poinsettias, use one or two only in your entry way as your guests walk in.

4. In your living room, have two or three of your decorative pillows in red.

5.For additional support, you can have your little-ones help hang a few red ornaments they've made onto your Christmas tree!

That should do the trick! Use accent colours sparingly but definitely enjoy yourself while doing it! After all, they're only accents!



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