So this is Christmas, and what have you done?!

Christmas is four days away and we’ve been so excited this whole season as it’s been our first Christmas in the new store! While getting ourselves prepared, Yadder and I thought we'd really like to share some of the ways we've been able to stay balanced throughout this busy holiday season.

There are tight schedules, holiday parties to attend, grocery lists and dinners to prepare for, and of course, and entire home to decorate!  We still have gifts to purchase, cards to send, and friends/family to entertain. Sometimes finding the balance can be tough!

Below is a short list we put together of forget-me-not's and ways-to-stay-sane until Santa comes:

Make a list. Check it twice! 

Check-lists will literally save your life. Physically write your to-do list on a piece of paper, or as we like to do at {made} by madrigal, put it in your shared calendar with reminders. This helps keep you on track and minimizes your possibility of forgetting things. Also, sharing lists can help the family work as a team so everyone knows what needs to get done, and you can divide and conquer!  

No Last Minute!

While procrastinating feels great at every other moment throughout the year; exam studying, oil-changing, installing winter tires, etc., Christmas is NOT that time. If you wait for the last minute to buy that Christmas ham, you'll be stuck in lines curling around the block and end up with the tiniest, saddest one! Set yourself a reminder to have your ham picked up a week in advance! Trust us, you'll thank us later!

Prepare for the unexpected! 

Have some candles on deck. A few years ago, the power went out in the midst of us hosting Christmas dinner. With fourteen hungry and anxious guests, we waited patiently for hours around one single candle until power to our street was restored. Lesson learned. Of course we've shared and still share laughs to this day, but we've also since prepared ourselves! Candles, flashlights, matches? CHECK!

Enough Seats at the Table!

Another must-have are extra chairs for unexpected guests, dates, or that cousin that just loves popping by unannounced. A few affordable painted vintage chairs will feel eclectic while still bringing charm and character to your holiday decor.  Or our personal favourite is to pull that live-edged bench from the entryway or from the end of the bed to allow for more of a social environment and make sure everyone’s comfortable.

Take time for you! 

Lastly, make sure that you schedule time for yourself. Although the focus is on others, make sure to carve out a little "me" time. This is still important throughout the holidays. Even a simple 20 minutes a day will do! Catch up on your favourite blogs, finish that chapter in that book you've  been trying to read, sip your tea, and breathe! Whatever it is, make sure you are taking adequate time for yourself. You’ll stay sane, and stay festive right up until that turkey-coma hits after Christmas dinner!

We hope these tips have helped! Feel free to share some of your suggestions on how to stay Merry this Christmas!


With Holiday Love,

Stacey & Yadder Madrigal




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