Auld Lang Syne

2016 has brought us so much as new business owners. We thought about how best to close off our year and we couldn't think of a more fitting way than to send a message of love and life to our friends and family.

One of our greatest highlights of 2016, as you may guess, has been the opening of our brick and mortar store. We are so thrilled to have been blessed with the means to be able to physically take our new business to a new level in this growing industry. We have also been able to establish strong business to business relationships both within our local Junction community as well as nationally.

Our greatest lesson has been that there is merit in tough moments. Tough moments are meant for us to learn and to grow from; and we truly have. We have learned that perfection takes time; that sometimes you have to take the loss; that branding is crucial; transparency is key, and compassion is always necessary to an entrepreneur's success!

Our greatest moment has been the heartfelt reception of us by our community. The connections and conversations we've had with numerous community members and longstanding Junction patriots over the last year has been tremendous, and we could not have asked for more support or a better response than the welcoming arms we were met with when we opened our doors. 

As we enter into a new year and a new chapter, we graciously accept our challenges  as we know they will come. We also graciously accept all the wonderful new things that are in store (pun intended!). 

Thank you 2016, and welcome 2017, we are excited to meet you! We truly look forward to sharing this new year with you. We wish you and yours all the best in life and love.


With many thanks and much love,

Stacey and Yadder