Spring is Here!

As the temperature changes and the frost lifts, so does our haze of hibernation and depressing gloom from the winter season. "We can see clearly now," (the single by Johnny Nash plays in my head) and our home decor looks as tired as we have, and it is that time to give it a face lift of freshness. There are a few simple steps to achieve this feel and look in your existing space.


The perfect place to start is to, get rid of the old and bring in the new. However, that does not mean everything has to be "brand" new, in order to achieve a fresh, airy feel. As you de-clutter sort through furniture that is sentimental, but makes a statement. Once you have selected the items that will bring a desired character to your space, DONATE and or have a garage SALE for everything else. If you do not give away the EXCESS, your space will always feel small and claustrophobic! Keep in mind, just like we trim our bodies down in preparation for summer, the same should go for our home.

Re-arrange it

Find a new place for everything! The main objective of this step is to improve the functionality of your space, As a rule of thumb, move anything that blocks a clear path to your new space. This is where storage solutions become key, which we will make some suggestions in upcoming articles. But for the larger furnishings such as a sofa that is blocking a window, this is the time to move it against a main wall so the daylight can pour in and your windows are free to open. Texture opportunity: you can change your drapes or window treatments to tones that are neutral and textured to bring a warm-airy feel to your space.

Colour Your World 

Now for our favorite part, and not just pops of it, but enough to make a statement. Caution, we do not mean your favourite colour everywhere to set a theme, rather a statement should be made in your space while the rest of the decor lends to support that statement.  It is very easy to overdo colour especially if there too many competing primary hues or overkill with simple pastel shades, the key to avoid this BALANCE. For example, choose a furnishing that is either bold in structure, or delicate in design and refinish it in a soft pastel. Who says that white is the only way to create a light, heavenly-lifted space? Bright soft colours such as petal pinks, mint greens, lemon zest yellows, and ice blues are a great way to gently mix colour into your decor and are easily transferable into the summer season. These colours are sweetly balanced with warm navy blues, greys and natural tones. White sofa throws, cushions, window treatments and small accents add a fantastic modern, crisp cleanliness to your decor.

Layer it up! 

Adjust the dial of your room to a temperature to make it cooler or warmer by adding textured surfaces on pillow cushions and throws. Leather pillows in bright colours offer cool touches and natural tone alternatives in silks for warm moods. Texture is also found in patterns such as bold stripes, abstract graphics, delicate florals and other culturally inspired textiles.

Make your space bloom with decadence, by making it a clutter free, function-friendly, bright and energetic with colour, patterns and texture.