The Harvest Table

Ah yes, the elusive and feverishly alluring harvest dining table is a style that is popularly sought after. The reason being is that,  its sheer rustic weathered appeal and solid wood structure (which is hard to find these days) brings an inviting  warmth to your living room without having to compromise on function. So it’s perfect for frequently trafficked areas of your home. Especially for those large families whose functions, while memorable, require their furniture to be sturdy enough to withstand the bumps and bruises of crazy festivities. I know this to be true, because our family is much like what I have described. When we bought our new home, we looked everywhere for an affordable harvest dining table that can fit 10 people, with a style that was elegant yet family-friendly. However, everywhere we searched, the dimensions did not fit the space we needed, or the look was not quite to our taste, and often it was insanely overpriced! As such, we decided to make our own, and thus The Florence Harvest Dining Table was {made}! This table has been a huge hit with our customers, primarily because we make our tables completely customizable, in dimension, type of wood, stain, finish all of which is beautifully paired with an antique, all-wood, refinished base. Visit our website at, and check out our various styles offered and get started on your made-to-order Florence Dining Table today!