OOAK Spring '17


Since we opened the store last year, it has been a whirlwind of opportunities flooding our doors! Thank the Lord! We were invited to participate in this years Spring 2017, One of a Kind Show!

Our experience in a nutshell, chaotic, but blessed! We had never done a trade show before so we were not prepared or aware of some of the challenges we might encounter. Some take always were:

1. Keep it simple and clean. Your display should be easy to assemble and clean in its design. We found that this kept the focus on our products yet it was bright and attractive to shoppers.

2. Get help! Recruit as many hands to help make the work light and manageable.

3. Network, network, network! Trade shows are a great place to establish new business contacts for future business expansion opportunities, so get outside your booth explore and meet people, and keep in contact via social media. Tapping into their social networks and vice versa can bring new followers and traction to your online and retail channels.

4. Set reasonable expectations. Have goals that are ambitious, however ensure they are attainable and measurable, so you can get a clear idea of how your business performed and if these types of ventures are profitable in all aspects.

Overall, it was a fantastic learning experience which provided excellent market research to know what our customers value in our products and how we can improve. If you didn't get to catch us at this year's show, stay tuned as we plan to be at Christmas 2018 show!