TJX Journey Part 4: @ the Store

We had hoped that we would eventually find one of our pieces in store, to see its final destination, however our buyer informed us that our items sold faster than we could find them!

We were enlightened to meet people who visited our store to tell us about their discovery of our goods in Homesense. From this venture we received a few online orders for additional items to complement their MBM finds from Homesense.  We even had an interesting experience when we met a couple that had attended our friends wedding shower and to our surprise had purchased one of our coffee tables!

It is the best feeling in the world to know how something you created impacts another. At times we think it's just furniture, what significance would our furnishing make to someone else? Our customers remind us that each person has life events that take them on a journey unknown, (even when it comes to decorating your first home!) It is that journey and all of the experiences along the way that make it profound. The items collected along the way symbolize those successes and that is what people hold on to!

Thank you to all of those that have chosen us to be apart of your journey! And to those we have yet to meet, we are excited to join the ride!