There is an air of refinement that antique furnishings bring to a room such as a beautiful chaise in a parlour or a decadent vanity in a boudoir. These furnishings remind us of an era overflowing with glamour, prestige, and timeless creativity and innovation. However, with the shifts from modernity, we often feel that we need to leave these exquisite pieces behind. With the advancements made with home decor products, there are now ways to bring these sentimental pieces to life in your own home without fear of having an out-dated decor. 

Depending on your space and the existing furniture you own, you can restore antique furnishings that will fit perfectly with any decor whether it is eclectic, modern, vintage, or contemporary. But some considerations to keep in mind when you approach a piece you would like to revive, is the purpose, colour, finish, and enrichments.


The Urban Luxe Collection is attractive in any decor aiming to achieve a simple, sleek, modern feel.  The use of raw materials, creates a rustic aesthetic that is still warm and inviting while cool and refreshing. This collection compliments spaces with hard surfaces such as exposed beams and brick, hardwood, pipes, concrete columns and other textured surfaces, as well as more traditional spaces of the home that experience more traffic such as entryways, family areas, mudrooms and laundry rooms.